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are close to freezing. here at home the city of fairfax is doing its part to help out victims. a detective there is leading the effort in this. good morning. >> good morning. we are talking about a food, clothing and supply drive that started yesterday and will continue until tomorrow. and then on wednesday a group of fairfax city police officers are going to drive up to new york and new jersey and hand deliver all of your donations. yesterday, i want to show you this video because people were just pouring into this pardon me, donating everything from sleeping bags, blankets, food, water, diapers, the turnout was a welcome surprise for the woman who started it all, captain laura kenyan, she has been a police officer for 20 years. she has never seen anything quite like superstorm sandy. the same thing was said by thomas coon, who is president of the edison electric institute. listen to what he had to say. >> sandy is the biggest one we have ever encountered. more than 9 million customers were out of power at any one.throughout the storm. we had a pre mobilization, where we brought in a virt
the big delays to worry about. coming in on 66 your lanes are open from centerville to fairfax. same story in herndon, reston and right on down the line to tyson's corner. west side of town, this is what it looks like from bethesda, all your lanes on ep. this time we'll head over to the other side, no issues at all. looking good as you leave new carrollton down to the wilson bridge and we'll take a live look at the beltway down south. and beyond into alexandria. i was at national harbor yesterday, just beautiful. back to you guys. >>> an alexandria family is searching for a man missing now for two weeks. hurricane sandy hindered search and press skew operations for 69-year-old mohammed dhani, he suffers from dementia. >>> well, believe it or not, today is the last full day of campaigning for the 2012 presidential election. seems like it has gone on forever, doesn't it? both candidates will stop in swing states before heading home. today the president will stop in wisc iowa, ohio before he travels to chicago and casts his ballot. mitt romney will be campaigning in florida, virginia and new
was last seen in halifax county. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in fairfax county with more on the case. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say she was abducted from halifax, virginia, but they have information that leads them to believe the people who took her may be headed to the washington, d.c. area. folks are being asked to keep an eye out for this little girl here. let's take a look at the picture. alexis carlisle, she is 1-year-old. she was last seen at 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday, thursday, and they believe that she was abducted by eric eugene black, 41, and jennifer carlisle, 35, described as having red hair, green eyes. you may also notice the last name is the same as the little girl carlisle. it is unclear, though, exactly what the relationship is between her and the missing girl. police are not releasing any information on that. now, alexis is said to have uncombed black hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and a pink jacket. police believe she could be in extreme danger, and she want to find her as quickly as possi
and tomorrow fairfax police testimony is going to collect food and clothing for the victims of superstorm sandy. >> matt jablow has more. >> reporter: captain laura kenyan is the head of the criminal investigation division of the city of fairfax. >> my co-workers rally. >> reporter: during more than 20 years as a police officer she has witnessed all types of tragedies. >> but none apparently that prepared her for the video she saw on television last week of the almost unimaginable damage among the highly populated coast lines of new york and new jersey. >> i cried and i came into work friday and i thought about what could i do to help. >> reporter: inspired by the heartbreaking images of the pain inflicted by superstorm sandy, captain kenyan moved quickly into action, organizing a food, clothing and supply drive that began on sunday at the city of fairfax police department. >> i just think it is time we all just pay it forward. >> where people stop by all day long in a show of generosity that captain kenyan says has truly reaffirmed her faith in humanity. >> it has been heartwarming, amazing. p
this area. matt jablow reports tonight. the city of fairfax is now doing its part to help some of sandy's victims. >> when tragedy hits, i think we're ready to help. >> reporter: captain laura is head of the criminal investigation divisi of the city of fairfax police department. >> my coworkers rally whenever they need to. >> reporter: during more than 20 years as a police officer she has unfortunately witnessed all types of tragedies. >> you just don't know what mother nature is going to bring. >> reporter: but none, apparently, prepared her for the video she saw on television of the almost unimaginable damage along the highly populated coastline of new york and new jersey. >> i cried and i came into work on friday and i just went about what could i do to help. >> reporter: inspired by heartbreaking images of the pain, captain kenyan moved quickly into action organizing a fad, clothing and supply drive at the police department. >> i just think it's time that we all just pay it forward. >> reporter: people stopped by all day long in a show of generosity that captain kenyan says has trul
:00, you get to vote. in places like fairfax, and virginia beach, there are still lines and people are going to vote. it may still be a little while before some of those come fully in. that's a lot of votes to come in. i expect this to go down to the wire and be close. >> no problem as the polling places? >> standing in line for an hour or two. i stood in line for an hour 45 myself. that's good. we had a couple power outages, machine malfunctions. but overall, people were orderly, and came out in big numbers, and that's good for our country. >> reporter: virginia's 13 electoral college voters. what's your sense of how this night is going to go? >> we came into this thinking, if it was a dead heat on election day, we would win, because the undecides would break for governor romney. the good ground game, that would be enough to carry us over the top. it's coming in as expected. a very narrow marriagen with a lot of big areas to come out. many of which are good for us. in prince williams, and virginia beach and chesapeake. i don't think it's going to be over until that last vote is in
. center. >>> some other top storiethis morning, fairfax county police are on the hunt for a man who assaulted a teenager at a public library. this happened just before 9:00 tuesday night as the staff was preparing to close the thomas jefferson library in falls church. a 17-year-old says she noticed a man watching her as she studied. on her way out of the library, she told police the man followed her. she ducked into the bathroom. >> he grabbed her and assaulted her. she did fight back and she creamed and then he fled. >> usually, it is really safe here so it is surprising to see something like that happen. there is always some types of people that you have to watch out for. >> police say library employees have seen the man there before. he is described as appear african-american man between 5' 7" and 5' 10". he has a shaved bald head, a gap in his front tooth and a diagonal scar on his forehead. >>> police in fairfax county are stepping up their search and asking for your help in catching a serial fondler. he is described as hispanic, medium build with black hair and wearing a red c
%. 14% of the fairfax county school budget comes from the state. drainsville supervisor john foust says any cut co-that would hurt. >> we're going to be -- to that would hurt. >> we're going to be concerned about any cut in funding given how tight our budget is. >> reporter: like the state fairfax county asked its departments to also prepare for the fiscal cliff and look for 5% in savings, but the biggest threat to the schools and the northern virginia economy is sequestration. economists predict up to a half million jobs could be lost in the d.c. area. that would lead to vacant buildings and a sharp decline in commercial real estate taxes which is a major source of funding for local governments. foust grew up in johnstown, pennsylvania where steel mills created a bustling economy. today the mills are abandoned and jobs are scarce. >> it has certainly been nice to have the federal government fall back on the government contractors and government employment, but personally i'm from an area that relied on the steel mills until it was too late and there was no diversification. the steel m
in fairfax and george mason. new presidential numbers for virginia came out today. the nbc "wall street journal" survey puts 48% for president obama, 47% for romney. and the rasmussen poll shows 50% for romney, 48% for the president in the commonwealth. julie carey joins us from fairfax on romney's pit stop this afternoon. julie? >> reporter: well, it is emptied out now, but a short while ago the patriots center was filled up to the very top row. supporters here eager to show enthusiasm they hope will grab virginia for both mitt romney and the gop. mitt romney supporters were ready to roar from the start in the final rally. and their cheers grew louder when ann romney asked this question. >> are we going to be neighbors soon? >> reporter: and mitt romney's reaction? >> if anyone wants to know where the energy is, if anyone out there that's following american politi wants to know where the energy is, just come right here in this room and you'll see it. >> reporter: supporters also had their own chant ready, one more day. after a grinding 17 months of campaigning, first to win the gop nom
accused of 17 sexual assaults in maryland, virginia, connecticut and rhode island. >>> fairfax county police are on the hunt for a man who assaulted a young girl at a public library. this happened just before 9:00 tuesday night as the staff was preparing to close the thomas jefferson library for the day. melanie alnwick is live in falls church with the latest on the search for us. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of last places that you would expect that someone would be assaulted and it appears the staff is actually familiar with the suspect. as you said, it was just before 9:00 tuesday evening. the staff was getting ready to close thomas jefferson library for the night. they heard a girl scream. it was a 17-year-old student in the woman's bathroom. she said she had been touched and pushed by a man who followed her in there. she said she noticed the guy staring at her. when she got up to leave, she noticed the man follow her. >> this person followed her into the bathroom. he then grabbed her and assaulted her. she did fight back and she screamed and then he fled. >> usually, it
in fairfax. a bit of a breeze but as breezes will diminish and the temperatures in the upper 40's to about 50. it will drop down into the 40's later tonight and by tomorrow morning, clear skies, 29 to 36. we will look at the 70 outlook. >> jury selection got under way today in the trial for a university student accused of killing her roommate. it was a case that gripped the campus and the metro area. what can we expect from the trial. quex jury selection was the order of the day and and often tedious process. going through perhaps hundreds of people to get down to 12 who city can be fair and impartial. this will be a very closely watched trial especially here on the campus. we saw today many people with deeply -- were deeply affected. on the bowie state campus, students remember that september night all too well. >> it was sad and scary. >> it stopped everything on campus. >> the images of domenik fraser -- dominique frasier being rushed from her door room. >> she was well liked. >> she of lifted everyone around her. >> it was homecoming week 2011 and in the dorm suite a share they were getti
they drop. i see better weather on the way. >>> a deadly incident in fairfax investigating for possible ties to the storm. mark matthew is live on sir francis drake boulevard. >> reporter: we are in downtown fairfax the cabin that burned last night is a mile and a half from here. the cabin is at a dead end road 40 meadow way in the cascade canyon, a neighborhood outside the city limits of fairfax. the cabin caught fire last night by the time firefighters arrived, it was almost to the ground. an hour ago, a very emotionally distraught woman came to the scene demanding to get past the police barricade. >> no! i want to go to the house now, come with me. >> i need you to stay behind the firemen. >> talk to him, calm down. >> i'm the caregiver, i do hospice this is the son of my boss. why can't i go up there? >> i can have you pass this line. >> why? >> the woman says she is the estranged wife of the cabin's owner. police are talking with her now. >> came in 1:30, 2:00 last night they had troubl locating it conflicting reports about what was going on up here thought it was a transformer located
in fairfax county. nearby residents are on high alert after the latest attack on hibbling avenue near dunwoody street in springfield. >> i'm going to walk home in a few minutes and i'm a little scared now. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim was disturbed by the incident but delayed telling anyone because she didn't know the process of reporting a crime. >> she was talking to a friend. the friend urged her that the time to call police. were a woman who doesn't want to be identified said her mother is one of the nine victims attacked back in september also on hibbling avenue. >> scared, yes. >> reporter: she was scared? >> yes. >> reporter: she said the man grabbed her mother's breast. she screamed and struggled to get free. all nine cases have been in the springfield franconia area of fairfax county. this latest incident was one of two cases that happened on the same day within half an hour of each other and blocks apart. in springfield, virginia, surae chinn, 9 news now. >>> still ahead meet the newest member of the d.c. council. >>> there were a few seats on capitol hill that cha
began their investigation a year ago, three more women have come forward. fairfax county police say a woman scla woman claims to have been molested by her school teacher 40 years ago. he is now 73. and was arrested to day. >> they are still -- working several other -- incidences that -- that merit additional investigation. >> master police officer, tells me, the woman ran into him last year at washington episcopal school where she saw him teaching children, prompting the cull to police. we contacted the school but got no response. however detectives say he had worked at washington episcopal since the investigation began. >> every victim of any crime can only express at the time when they are ready t discuss it. >> in the course of a year, three other alleged victims have come forward as well. >> 1965 to 1994 he was employed at the potomac school. we don't have any evidence to show from the 1980s to the present that anything has occurred. not saying it didn't hap pep. i'm saying we don't have any evidence of that. >> charged under fairfax's 1960s penal code. because there is no statu
and the baltimore washington park way. right now we have leftover showers out in fairfax. it is very light and it will be on out of here in the next hour. but a couple showers just to the west of rockville over towards river road and a couple showers out towards tyson. everything is pushing off to the east, very light. temperatures in the 40s, 47. 47 in rockville, 47 in bethesda. we're looking at 48 in great falls and 47 in vienna. 47 in fairfax. 49 at berk. and 49 at college park. upper 40s in bowie and crofton. a little on the chillier side. for tonight cool weather continues, early showers. still breezy tomorrow. dry morning commute. that's good news. and the kids, they will need their jackets tomorrow morning. and for tonight, early shower or sprinkle. partly to mostly cloudy. breezy, cold. lows 34 to about 42 downtown. winds increase a little bit westerly at 10 to 15. becoming partly cloudy, breezy, chilly. you'll still need a jacket. temperatures in the 30s to the 40s. winds are north-northwest at 10 to 15. and then by friday afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, cool. you still need a ja
romney campaigned in northern virginia. they made stops in fairfax, sterling, and stanton holding rallies for supporters and volunte volunteers. romney will be at lynchburg tomorrow and george mason later that day. president obama was in new hampshire, florida today, ohio and colorado tonight, but his surrogates spent the day in the commonwealth. madeline albright canvassed with campaign volunteers. >>> that close to home today, police are searching for a person of interest after a robbery at a obama campaign office down in florida. fort meyers place say an employee found the front door of the office smashed this morning. the only thing reported missing is an envelope with an undisclosed amount of money inside of it. no computers stolen, no vandalism was reported. surveillance cameras captured a man on video in that area overnight. >>> be sure to stay with news 4 for complete coverage of the election. you can also stay up to date on our website, >>> well, another disappointing day for redskins fans at fedex field. coach mike shanahan called this game a must win earlier
. that includes montgomery county, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, just about all of virginia and maryland. right near the bay waters for the tidal potomac. a few locations in the low 20s to upper teens out in north central west virginia. by 7:00 a.m., bright sun and a blue sky. still near freezing and a light wind. winds may pick up by noontime in the mid-40s. by midafternoon upper 40s. by late afternoon a few clouds coming in back down to the mid-40s after sunset. sunrise at 6:30. sunset at 4:55. first 4 traffic on this wednesday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. >>> we're going to start with i-270 as you make your way southbound at finger ford road 80. earlier crash there still causing delays. it just moved to the shoulder lane. luckily, your travel lanes are open, but you are just sluggish out of frederick. let's head over if you're traveling in the manassas area. prince william parkway at ell g wellington road. an accident out of the lanes. chopper 4 moved to i-66. let's take a look eastbound and westbound as you move toward the beltway. a travel speed
maryland. closer to washington, fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties generally mid and upper 30s. we've got a breeze that's kicking up too. it's blustery and gusting to around 15, 20 miles an hour. you need your warmest winter coat on this friday morning. it's going to be cold standing at the bus stop. right now reagan national at 43. a bit milder right on the bay. elsewhere inland, away from the waters, it's cold. as we get into the rest of the afternoon, we'll climb to around 60 degrees. storm team 4 four-day forecast, lots of sunshine. the breezes will still be a bit blustery during the day. they'll diminish by this afternoon and tonight. going out tonight, a clear sky. 40s in the evening. near 40 at dawn. during the afternoon, a high around 60. then much warmer weather moving in on sunday. afternoon highs soaring to near 70 degrees. finally getting above average for the first time in a couple of weeks. we'll have lots of sunshine on sunday, a delightful day. for veterans day observed monday, some sun in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon, with highs in the mid-60s. the
. >>> fairfax county police are looking for the suspect who assaulted a young girl in a highly unusual place. of, the public library in arlington. -- place, the public library in arlington. it happened at 9:00 last night as the staff was preparing to close the public library for the day. fox 5's audrey barnes with the latest. >> the victim is 17 years old, the assault happening in the library bathroom. police say she put up a fight and the staff got to her quickly. now detectives need your help to find the guy. investigators say the 17-year- old girl had been at the thomas jefferson library for most of the day studying and she told police a man who was also there made her feel very uneasy. >> someone had been watching her. she felt very uncomfortable the way he was looking at her, almost glaring at her. >> reporter: on her way out of the library the teenager told police the man followed her. so she ducked into the women's bathroom instead of going into the parking lot alone. >> this person followed her into the bathroom. he then grabbed her and assaulted her. she did fight back and she screamed
in montgomery, artington fairfax, prince george's county right now in the low 40s. it's going to maybe climb another four or five degrees for the high this afternoon making it one of the colde presidential election days in the metro area since back to 1960. that was the coldest election day. this may challenge that. i'll be back in a few minutes with the latest on the coastal storm and the seven day outlook coming up. >> thank you, tom. >> coat to vote. you need a coat to vote. >> we certainly needed one today. we are going check on the traffic now. >> danella sealock. danella has the first look. what's happening? >> good news now. had a problem with a suspicious package that shut down a couple metro stations. that is reopen. they are not reporting delays on the orange and blue line. it closed at d street in southeast surrounding streets were closed as well. they were all reopened. you may see delays in the area. traveling i-95 northbound in the hov lanes, they were shut down. barbara, they are open now. back to you. >> thanks, danella. >>> a ten-term maryland congressman could be at risk of
w. bush and barack obama won. and i would watch fairfax and of course, hen rico county. those are all places that should be fairly close but the president has a shot at winning. if mitt romney can peel off some votes there, then it is important to his path to do well in those places. one interesting stat, fairfax county, john kerry had won fairfax with 53% of the vote and got 45% overall. so plus 8 on the ballot in fairfax. in 2008, president obama won fairfax with 60% of the vote. certainly a bigger number and won the state with 53% of the vote. so 7 points, 7 1/2 points. watch tonight if president obama can get 57 in fairfax county. just one number, i want to see if that tips things. if he is at 57, maybe he is at 50 and that gives him possibly a win in virginia. just some fun with numbers. something to watch. >> we've seen a lot of early voting around the area. and early voting in virginia. how will that impact the results tonight, do you think? >> well, certainly, the president's campaign has worked very hard in a lot of states. virginia doesn't have the no excuse early vo
but sun over laurel and elsewhere as well. let's look at the temperatures. 51 in fairfax. in the most part, the lower 50's at midday. breezy. we will get to anywhere from 55 to 60 degrees this afternoon. 51 and a sunday in boston. that warmth from kansas city and memphis, that will start pushing our way. i will talk about that in a few minutes. steve? >> in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, gas rationing in effect only a quarter of the city's stations were open after the storm. that was complicated by the nor'easter that blanketed the region with snow. >> with gasoline difficult to come by, gas rationing in newark city and long island. drivers have increasingly -- in new york city and long island. drivers have increasingly short fuses. >> if you run up in a few hours. >> @ since apiece as a man pushes his -- a tense piece after a man pushes his car to the promised land. more than 500,000 customers across the region are living without power and many also need gas to keep generators running in frigid temperatures. >> 90% is not a victory. the 10% who do not have power is not a defeat. we wi
of super storm sandy have intensified tonight ten days after sandy hit. a fairfax county group is trying to keep the -- help fill the needs of millions in new york and new jersey. live in mcclain loo more on this mission of mercy. >> i can tell you these trucks have been sitting here because of the nor easter that we saw but the goal is to get the contents delivered tomorrow so that these folks can get them sometime saturday, sunday. >> so many that three moving trucks packed with donations are parked waiting to be delivered. >> we now have filled two trucks like that and this is the end of the third. everything as you can see from fairly new baby gear and tons of clothing, warm coats new blankets new sweat shirts. >> jennifer is one of the moms who started the donation drive earlier this week. a semi-filled with much needed relief left wednesday for new jersey. the snow kept the driver from returning to get the rest. once again, the community came through and helped. the moving company offered a truck and a driver. >> we put out the wo
beginning. >> he stard the morning in to lynchburgent on in fairfax. he decided to add an airport in new hampshire tonight. the final rally is now scheduled for pittsburg. from thee live tonight rally. they have decided to add ohioer trip back to then on tod before ending tomorrow in boston. will be like to not for all your election coverage. cooper, abc 7 news. >> the other big race for voters in battleground virginia is the race for the united states senate. >> the candidate also spent the thoseying to inspire undecided voters. tomorrow night, one of two former virginia governors will become the new senator. jeff goldberg is live in on thisia with more important race. >> the past few weeks, the polls have really tightened up in this .ace like obama and romney, the race between tim kaine and george allen is tough to predict. kaine as momentum right now. what wee excited about will see tomorrow. ,> george allen's wife susan giving volunteers one last push toward the finish line. >> it is going great. love the enthusiasm i am the ground. taking the stage monday in sterling, democrat tim k
and in hd, this is abc 7nes at 11:00. >> we began with a case in fairfax county. learn rigid police need e to man whoood look at this say is responsible for nine attacks. >> the latest attack happen. up behind me. was broad daylight. a lot of people around. the victims spoke with us about the ordeal. she is afraid to walk a loan own neighborhood. to where it happened the, the 23-year-old man approached behind and groped her iran four-o'clock thursday. i ran. i went to my house. >> all near a busy bus stop in broad daylight. clucks nobody turned to help us. >> police believe a man is for eight attacks in this neighborhood. >> disgusting. scary. to me at would probably punched him until the face. >> a broad daylight. is horrle. " the saults, during the daytime. 9:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m.. with the way things are growing. attract that kind of element. f this victim says she careful from now on. -- >> this victim says she will careful from now on. the woman was yelling for help. there were people walking around her. police are urging women to be careful. if you have any information, you asked to cal
is back with a new book on the potomac river. where does it start and end? >> it starts in fairfax near west virginia a tiny little circle and it then that point* look out when the river is 12 miles wide and in between there is history. it is where our nation in europe. it also has the nation's capital. >>host: people think about the white house and the potomac river. why is that? >> they think of washington d.c. are the national monument why do they think of of potomac river? >> for those in the area is seen as an obstacle as they drive over or under it i wanted to stress we have an incredible natural resource there are very few levies we have bald eagles it is not solely clean but we work on that and by the way we get 90% of the drinking water comes out of the river. >> talk about the historical significance can you give us examples? >> mount vernon that washington known to because if you live there you got to pick the site of the nation's capital. now vernon is the most significant building on the poto
of light rain, fairfax county and points west. prince william and stafford and spotsylvania farther south along interstate 95. going to be getting wet towards fredericksburg and up toward dale city over the next hour or so. this may be fender bender weather. also getting a few sprinkles just east of us around anne arundel county. temperatures around the regions are in the 30s. we'll have this rain off and on this morning, changing to snow this afternoon. i'll have details on that coming up in just a few minutes. aaron? >> thank you, tom. >>> this morning there is a lot to look back on from president obama's victory last night. the country and the world watched as votes came in, and we saw state after state turn blue in terms of those -- the states that were in question, the toss-up states, as it were. tracie potts is in chicago where things have quieted down after an electrified crowd really lit up the place in chicago. tracie? >> reporter: good morning, everyone, from chicago. we weren't even sure we'd have an answer for you this morning. the race is so close. there are still major state
. >> talk about a fairfax county elections board, and the man they have spearheading their voting rights laws and how they're implemented. >> fairfax county, which is a very important county in this presidential race, so important mitt romney is having his post- election -- i hate to call a party -- he will have his post- election event here in fairfax county. that is how important it is. >> place it for us geographically and why it is significant. >> i'm sorry, what was the question? >> place fairfax county geographically in virginia. >> it is a swing county, for the most part, of fairfax goes basically is how virginia will go. virginia is such a swing state, it was important to obama winning in 2008. for romney to win, he will need virginia. fairfax is really going to be the weathervane of how virginia goes. in the election board, the board of elections [indiscernible] has been the architect of a number of different voters suppression laws. he is a research fellow at the heritage foundation, which is a conservative think tank. he is a huge proponent of voter id laws. he has been a huge
of montgomery, prince george's, fairfax counties in the district of columbia as well. much of southern maryland, northern neck, and to our south light rain. howard county, frederick county moderate rain passing to the north of us. temperatures are chilly. it's only the low and mid-40s. what a dramatic drop from yesterday afternoon. some places it dropped 30 degrees since yesterday afternoon when we were around 70. we are going to stay chilly throughout the day today. here's your hour by hour forecast. sunrise 6:49. we'll still be wet through about 9:00 with some of the rain tapering off and ending by then. staying in the 40s the rest of the day as we dry out. and a little sun may break out mid to late afternoon. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at the next seven days. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> a fender bender. along rockville pike. back over to you. >> nice beat on the microphone. >>> it is now 6:11. 46 degrees. an entire family killed by carbon monoxide. why investigators say this time it's more than just a terrible accident. >>> and the mill
. >> good morning. still watching on the accident as you travel northbound fairfax county parkway approaching the dulles toll road. this is closer to sunrise valley drive. the northbound lanes are blocked by a three-vehicle crash in that area. still seeing delays grow as you travel northbound on fairfax county parkway. i would skip it, avoid it and take reston parkway instead. let's head over right now to 395. earlier at glebe, had an accident in the right shoulder lane. your travel lanes are open as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. nice, clear commute as you head into the district, traveling about 56 miles per hour. the drive in total will take you 12 minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron, back to you. >>> you may have better luck driving today than flying. hundreds of flights cancelled and delayed because of that storm in the northeast. megan mcgrath live at reagan national airport with one couple trying to make it to a military event? >> reporter: right. the military event they're going to is in new york city. unfortunately, they're trying to get from fresno to new york.
in from center sill right now the fairfax, the lanes are open. a live look now northbound on 95 pretty much the same story. back with more on the accident in 95 at 6:11. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. it was the last thing the northeast needed. another storm and unfortunately that is what's happening there now. >> yeah, nor'easter began pounding that region yesterday, rain, wind, snow. big travel headache as well over 1,000 flights are canceled as a result of the bad weather. >> kristin fisher is live at the airport with more on what's going on. and if anything's leaving this morning, good morning kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well, here at reagan national, the impact from the nor'easter can really be seen in this sheer number of flights that have been canceled. about 1200 flights canceled overnight and still a few this morning although the good news a little bit later in the day i am seeing a little far fewer cancellations. so there's some good news. but 1200 flights canceled in total and tell you what last night the travel wasn't any better by trains. just take a look
girl and these two individuals, you are asked to call 911. reporting live in fairfax, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you all in the studio. >> megan mcgrath. megan, thank you. >> let's turn to tom kierein and get a first look at the forecast. >>> a chill still in the area on this friday morning. you might need an umbrella too. a disturbance passing south and east of the metro area. those patches of green in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. those are sprinkles passing south and east of the metro area and moving off to the north and east. areas in the light blue are in the 40s. that includes much of virginia, southern maryland, and lower eastern shore farther north from charles county, prince george's, and anne arundel north into montgomery county and the district. generally, upper 30s to around 40 degrees. loudoun virginia from west to the shenandoah valley. upper 30s. much of the shenandoah valley west, it's below freezing in the upper 30s and low 20s. upper 20s. by noon, a little sun breaking out, upper 40s. by midafternoon, ought to hit the low to mid-50s and
purple. you have a situation where northern virginia, especially n areas of louden county and fairfax county, they have gotten progressively more democratic over the last few years. now, it's a different picture altogether when you go down to the county, parts of danville, over to roanoke. that is solid republican ground. for the most part, the formula to winning virginia, the last few election cycles, is to run hard if you're a democrat in the northern parts of virginia and do what can you around areas like richmond. that is a very urban voting block, strongly democratic base and see if can you piece together northern virginia, say richmond and newport news. the difference this year, though, is that mitt romney's campaign turned the logic on its head. they said no, we're going into fairfax county, loudoun county and there was a span of about three weeks here where the romney forces almost met the president appearance by appearance. the president would have an appearance in fairfax, mitt romney would come in a couple of days later. so, there is no territory right now in virginia that
near the fairfax county parkway on the shoulder. in fact we have a live shot from the sky 9 heading inbound on 66 as you can see everything on the left shoulder but slow now getting by. with back with mar -- back with more coming up at 6:25. back to you. >>> it is 6:17. we want to take another look at our question of the morning, here's the question, very interesting one -- now only 3% of the women admit to doing one of the three things. >> one of the facebook friends from the fan page, karen kirk hopefully she says -- >> we agree. we'll have more on your responses and the correct answer in about 30 minutes. >>> and if you answer the question of the day correctly, today on the facebook fan page, you will be entered to win four tickets to "les miserables" evy day we're going to randomly draw a name from the correct answer. "les mis" is coming to the national theater -- excuse me national capitol theater -- >> the national theater. you're right but we have a pretty shot of the capitol. >> that's what it is. >> oh. beautiful. all right. >> are they starting to put up the -- >> it is he
degrees. elsewhere, if it's in the mid-30s to upper 30s, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, much of southern maryland as well as in fauquier county where we have the hometown forecast for warrenton. by 6:30 just in the low 30s there. then by the launch hour into the mid-40s with sunshine breaking out. hour by hour today. we'll have winds with us off and on. gusts maybe around 20 miles an hour. forecast for the whole region, highs reaching near 60 with sunshine in the afternoon. right down in the near 40s by sunset today which is early, 5:03. our sunrise that's an hour earlier at 6:40 this morning. a look at the coastal storm, what it may do to us. i'll have the latest on that in ten minutes. the latest on your traffic with danella. good morning. >>> first let's start with i-66 eastbound approaching the beltway. a disabled vehicle there just off to the right shoulder lane. your travel lanes are open. still seeing road work there. if you're traveling westbound 50 at 201. that paving is taking away one of your lanes. we are seeing delays as you get towards 205 just
linked to the serial groper in fairfax county. he's struck women from 15 to 42 years old since september. the latest incident happened last thursday about a half hour after another incident on the same day near hibbling avenue in springfield. that's why we find our surae chinn live. >> reporter: these women were going about their business, going to the grocery store, to work, picking up their kids when these incidents happened and these victims share a similar description saying a red baseball cap and point to this sketch here, a man who attacked them, who fondled and groped them. >> and i caught the bus earlier this week and i was very aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: christine kenland and nearby residents are on high alert after the latest attack on hibbling avenue near dunwoody street in springfield. >> i'm going to walk home in a few minutes and i'm a little scared now. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim was disturbed but delayed telling anyone because she didn't know the process of reporting a crime. >> i believe english was a bit of an issue and she was unfamiliar with ho
% of the fairfax county school budget comes from the state. drainsville supervisor john foust says any cut to that would hurt. >> we're going to be concerned about any cut in funding given how tight our budget is, especially given the fact we feel the state is underfunding us now. >> reporter: like the state, fairfax county has asked its departments to also prepare for the fiscal cliff and look for 5% in savings, but the biggest threat to the schools and the northern virginia economy is sequestration. economists predict up to a half a million jobs could be loss in the d.c. area that. would lead to vacant buildings and a sharp decline in commercial real estate taxes which is a major source of funding for local governments. >> i was working on a train track. >> reporter: foust grew up in johnstown, pennsylvania where steel mills created a bustling economy. today the mills are abandoned and jobs are scarce. >> it has certainly been nice to have the federal government, fall back on the government contractors and government employment, but personally i'm from an area that relied on the steel
are gearing up for their most intense weekend of all. the final push to turn out voters. at this fairfax county gop office, volunteers and staffers kept the phone banks going while preparing for the weekend's door-to-door work. at the obama office in manassas a similar picture. supporters also stopped by to get tickets to a rally tomorrow night in prince william county, featuring president obama and former president bill clinton. >> each candidate understands that virginia could be not only a critical swing state in the electoral college but perhaps even the critical state to the outcome. so it's no surprise, therefore, that the candidates are doing these very late campaign stops up until the day before the election in one case. >> after three stops in the commonwealth yesterday outside northern virginia mitt romney comes to be fairfax on monday the day before the election. he'll have a rally on this athletic field at george mason university, the same spot the president held a rally just two weeks ago. then just hours ago the romney campaign added yet another virginia event in newport ne
filed in a fairfax county courtroom dies -- days before the election. why republicans are trying to change certain rules. >>> and turnout is larger than expected. we're going to take you to maryland where voters are lining up to cast their ballots on the last day of early voting. >>> and from illegal immigrants to gambling and gay marriage. maryland voters will cast ballots for or against several initiatives. that is coming up at the bottom of the hour. anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. annou"a champion of the tea ideologuet: who is part of the problem in congress."
to the last 300 customers in fairfax county without power. we cannot complain. we have say generator. but it is a single point of failure. steve's ventilator has two back up batteries. we have power for 15 hours. we are house bound in a storm. when we heard that, all of us at 9news knew we needed to try to help. we did just that tonight. >> thank you for sending us that e-mail. >> thanks very much. i appreciate your time and efforts. but now i'm going to run because i cannot leave steve unattended. >> reporter: and steve is the reason we're here. his wife e-mailed anita asking for help because their power was out and steve needs it to live. >> we've been married for 32 years. steve is beginning his ninth year with als. they say he's trapped in his body. >> reporter: when she means she has the equivalent of three full-time jobs. around the clock care, can't leave his side, can't leave the house. there is nowhere else she would rather be. >> i would not be me without steve. >> reporter: if the generator goes, they only have a few batteries, and that means a few hours. >> if he loses po
univision y en virginia, la policia de fairfax investiga el asalto a una joven y lo alarmante es que fue atacada en el baÑo de una biblioteca... autoridades estan en busca del responsable ... la estaba persiguiendo... vigilando cada paso...una joven de 17-aÑos estuvo bajo la mirilla de un depravado quien trato de asaltarla en el baÑo de esta biblioteca thomas jefferson en la ruta 50... "vio a este sospechoso anteriormente, andando cerca de ella, asi que en vez de caminar directamente a la salida, ella entro bien rapido al bano para que el se pueda ir, el no se fue, el la siguie dentro del bano" la joven le dijo que salga del baÑo, pero no dio resultado... hombre comenzo a atacarla, ambos forcejearon y luego se dio a la biblioteca estaba a punto de cerrar cuando el incidente ocurrio el martes cerca de las nueve de la noche.. quesegun la policia de fairfax, empleados de la biblioteca reconocieron al hombre, quien habia visitado la biblioteca varias ocaciones... teresa visita la misma biblioteca con sus hijas... "un lugar publico donde hay muchas personas, siempre esa libreria
, 44 in fairfax and 47 down toward burke, 47 in old town and look at that, 47 in college park. if you factor in the winds, it feels like it's 37 in gaithersburg, feels like it's 38 in leesburg. if you're going out early tonight, dress for the 30s and 40s. if you're going out late, dress for the 20s and 30s. winds diminish slowly, breezy to windy tonight. chilly start tomorrow, jacket good idea for the kids as well and a milder finish friday. so for tonight clear, breezy, cold, a one to two blanket night, lows in the 30s. given the dew point if the winds were not strong, we would be in the teens and 20s tonight. so in some respects the wind is kind of doing us a favor, winds northwest 10 to 20 overnight. we're looking at lows in the low 30s, gaithersburg around the freezing mark, rockville 32, 32 reston and fairfax, 36 downtown and 33 in college park. tomorrow morning sunny with a chilly start, a little breezy early friday morning, 30s and 40s. by afternoon great, mostly sunny, milder, winds diminish, highs near 60. that is pretty much on the button in terms of average temperatures win
in culpeper. warrenton, leesburg, manassas, probably 64. and fairfax probably 64 as well. but downtown 65. mid 60s in through southern maryland. charles county, st. mary's county, 66 in annapolis, no small craft advisory for saturday. we might see one hoisted for sunday. mid 62 for gaithersburg. rockville, frederick on up 270. so we'll break it down for you. next three days, do you know what, green, green and green. 9 weather alerts, why would they be any cooler. milder tomorrow. 74 on sunday. some clouds on monday. maybe a shower before the day is out. but still a very nice day. next seven days, grab the umbrella for tuesday. that's the storm out west. rain and showers, cooler, temperatures in the mid 50s. and then in the wake of the storm, really quite nice. sunday shines. temps back in the mid to upper 50s wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. and, oh, by the way, next thursday will be a week from thanksgiving. don't forget about that. >> oh, so much to do. >> just eat out. [ laughing ] >> have a present for you there. you can go ahead and hold that one up. >>> wusa9 jersey. we're gi
are cutting into the bone of our human servic. fairfax, alexandria, they're going to be the ones left holding the bag. >> reporter: worried about that federal fiscal cliff the school board passed a resolution urging congress to stop it. if it doesn't, it could mean a $1 million hit to ograms that serve the county's 36,000 kids learning english. >> this would have a major impact on fairfax county schools and our ability to work with the community, teachers working with our children. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking the departments to come up with the cuts but it appears to be indicative of what the federal fiscal cliff will mean. when the state cuts, it's local governments that get hurt and they cut. >> thank you, gary. tomorrow we'll hear from one guy would may be able to do something about those cuts. president obama making his first post-election comments about the economy. he will talk about those automatic tax headaches and severe budget cuts due to go in effect in january. analysis by the congressional office says if congress boggs down and takes a long time to aver
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